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Best Sleep Music Apps To Help You Sleep Better

Sleep Songs
25 Jul  lens5 min read star_rate

3. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep 

Another free app that offers a wide variety of sleep sounds. From nature sounds to the waves of the sea, and even sounds of chirping birds which gives users different option to set the desired scenery in their minds as they fall asleep.

4. Relax Melodies: Oriental Meditation

From the same developer of Relax melodies, this app focuses more on the oriental and classical sounds. The app offers an endless loop of sleep music or sound that are being produced by the selection of rare instruments like Chinese harp, Flutes, and many more.


Sleep is as essential as the food we eat. Technology is so amazing and helpful in so many ways, but it can be harmful to some instances as well. Don't let technology deprive us of sleep, instead use it as a tool to also improve it.

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