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Best Sleep Music Apps To Help You Sleep Better

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Technology keeps on advancing to improve our lives, but sometimes this advancement harms us as well. Some study has concluded that this generation is the most deprive when it comes to sleep. A lot of factors caused this situation to arise, but one reason that all can relate is the way smartphone affect us, especially during our slumber time.

After a stressful long day of work, most of us reward ourselves with the pleasure of our smartphone. From binge-watching our favorite tv series to constant notification from our social media accounts, and an endless conversation from our peers and distant friends. These are the common reason why sleeping is neglected, and probably the reason where most of us are guilty.

So how can we flip this situation around when most of us today are sleeping beside our smartphones? Believe it or not, our brain does not sleep and continually observes the surrounding through our ears. That said, why don't we try relaxing sounds for sleeping?

We Listed down some of the best music apps that work for both Android and IOS smartphones.

1. Relax Melodies

With a wide selection of sleep sound, white noise, and melody. This app is also backed with science to target specific frequencies of brain waves to reach a particular state of relaxation. The app offers Binaural rhythm and isochronous sounds that help the listener to wake up feeling renewed. This app is free, but it also offers in-app purchase.

2. Sleepmaker Rain

No doubt rainy season is one of the seasons where sleeping is so enticing, and it stopped us from rolling out of bed more often. Try to replicate its ambient when the season is not on yet through this app. This app offers different kinds of rain sounds sleep, so put on your earbuds and get into the zone of an inviting rainy season. This app is completely free.

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